Heel spur and triggerpoint massage


Triggerpoints are painful knots in the muscles. These triggerpoints can cause stiff and painful muscles and can usually be found just by massaging the muscle and looking for painful/tense points. Triggerpoints often cause pain away from their own location. In the case of heel spur / plantar fasciitis, these triggerpoints are usually found in the cald muscles, though they are sometimes found in the foot sole, knee cavity or upper leg.

Treatment for heel spur is performed by applying massage locally. This can be done by hand, but also with appliances like a rounded stick or a cane. Especially triggerpoints embedded deep within the tissue may require such an appliance. Every triggerpoint needs to be massaged for 30-60 seconds, a few times a day, for at least a couple of weeks.

The treatment can be performed by a specialist, but some triggerpoints can easily be treated by yourself. There is a book around that explains this matter, The triggerpoint book.