Heel spur and podiatry

In the section about inlay soles I already discussed the usefulness of podiatry in fighting heel spur / plantar fasciitis. Sometimes standard inlay soles can offer relief, but as often these will not be good enough and you will need custom inlays.

You can either do this through a podiatrist, orthopedist or orthopedic shoe maker. Make sure you collect some information (on-line, or fellow-patients) about which therapist you go to have your soles made. There is a lot of variation in quality, and sometimes you may even pay a lot of money for bad soles.

A professional sole maker will first examine the foot and the heel spur by studying the stance of both your body and feet, analyze the way you walk, and make prints in either ink or gypsum of your feet. Based on this he will make a custom sole either by hand, or using specialized instruments.

Soles like this are not cheap, but also don't pay too much. You can get very professional soles for around 200 dollar/euro max.