Sweaty feet - Causes, symptoms, Treatement


Sweaty feet especially sweat a lot of course, but they also emit a foul odor. Especially the smell is the problem, especially in social interaction. In addition, the feet feel constantly moist, and therefore they too are often cold and uncomfortable all day.

Finally, the skin becomes even more prone to foot problems from unnatural moisture, like athlete's foot and nail fungus.

Causes of sweaty feet

The unpleasant smell of sweaty feet is caused by bacteria that are excessively at home in a humid and hot environment and multiply. Without sweaty feet, the bacteria have difficulties to reproduce. With the death of the bacteria the typical unpleasant odor arises.

The reason that the feet are sweaty can have several causes. Bad, not breathable footwear is one of the main causes, as it does not exchange air. Also prolonged wear of the same shoes and socks can be the issue.

Finally, other diseases may cause excessive sweating, such as some thyroid diseases.


Symptoms are mainly the excessive sweating of the feet and the unpleasant odor.

In addition, the feet feel warm and burning, and you may have pale feet caused by the constant humid environment, with associated skin lesions.


Foot odor can be treated in a variety of ways:

  • The main treatment for foot odor is to keep them dry and clean she was well with lukewarm water. Drying well is also very important. After drying, the feet can be treated with conditioning agents, or bacterial and fungal-killing powder.
  • Wear light shoes. Sandals and slippers are very good, plastic shoes not. Also change  socks or shoes daily, or several times  per day if necessary. Avoid synthetic socks, preferably wear cotton socks.
  • Footbaths. Make sure the temperature is not too high (up lukewarm), and they do not take more than a few minutes, otherwise the footbaths work correctly averrechts. There are various beneficial extracts on the market which can be. Dissolved in the water
  • In addition, there are several resources on the market to treat sweaty feet
  • Also some home-and-garden-kitchen means sometimes seem to work, such as alcohol, iodine or zinc ointment.

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