Ingrown toenail - Causes, symptoms, Treatement


When a toenail is ingrown, it is often somewhat bent, and the nail is growing into the skin, especially on the sides of the toenails. Initially, this pressure causes pain and sometimes calluses. This ingrowth can irritate the skin and may cause irritation and pain, or even become inflamed.

If the actual toenail grows into the skin it can damage the skin, causing bacteria can invade and infect the wound.

Usually, the problem arises on the big toe. Younger people have the complaint relatively more often, probably because of the thinner toenails.

Causes of ingrown toenails

There are several causes of ingrown toenails to designate:

  • Sometimes it herited and it's in the family.
  • A trauma such as a kick against a table leg or something similar can damage the toe causing the nail begins to grow.
  • The most common cause of ingrown toenails is too short trimming the toenails, causing the skin as it were, "can fold over the toenail back".
  • Wrong shoes, eg shoes that are tight at the toes.
  • Other conditions such as nail fungus can again partly responsible for ingroeing of the nail.


The main symptom is that the toenail is grown into the skin around the toe, and causes pain or irritation.


In the early stages you can achieve some relief at home with good foot care: footbaths, and by ensuring that the nails are well cared for. Also treatment by a chiropodist may possibly help in the early stages.

It is often best to go to a podiatrist to treat these has different methods at his disposal to ingrown toenails:

  • Putting a nail bracket that ensures that the nail grows right back.
  • Gauze under the nail places so that the nail grows into the skin
  • Rounding the edges of the nail so they do not grow and do not irritate the skin.

It may sometimes be necessary to operate the ingrown toenails when podiatrists and other cures have no solution. This is usually done under local anesthesia by a orthopedic surgeon.

During surgery a portion of the nail or the nail bed / nail matrix is removed. In Extereme cases it may even be necessary to remove the ingrown toenail completely. podiatry fasciitis plantar fascia treatment shockwave stretching exercises rest shoes sole overweight painkillers plantar feet surgery pain heel training fysiotherapy Strassburg sock injection friction massage symptoms fascia heel treatment painkillers dry-needling surgery painkillers dry-needling planters foot massage triggerpoint therapy taping nutricion pain fasciitis plantar pain heelspur foot