Hammer toe - Causes, symptoms, Treatement

hammer toe

With a hammer toe, there is a deformity of the toes. The joint between the first and second joint of the toe is bent, resulting in a curvature of the toe. Due to this deformation also wounds can occurr, from friction with the shoe.

Whith a claw toe in addition to this problem, also the joint between the metatarsal and the first phalange are curved, which results in an even more abnormal position.

This derogation often causes abundant callus formation. Ultimately, this injury can unfortunately be very painful.

Causes of hammer toes

It is not clear to indicate a cause for hammer toes Sometimes the cause is related to another foot abnormality. Hallux valgus is eg a common cause. Also problems with the coordination of the muscles that stretch and move the toes are a frequent cause.

Improper footwear can cause the injury, as so often with all foot problems. With shoes that are narrow at the toes, they are pressed together.

In addition, having to deal with issues such as age, diabetes, arteriosclerosis, etc. can be the issue.


In medical and orthopedic (web)shops there are devices and soles available that correct the position of the toes somewhat. Sometimes they can have a beneficial effect, but it is sometimes pure symptoms fight. A podiatrist can sometimes create acustom corrective insole that ​​sometimes helps.

Often, however, a surgical intervention is necessary in order to solve the problem. Ask for advice from a good orthopedic surgeon. Here, the phalanx between the first and the second toe joint loosened. With a claw toe will be the joint at the metatarsal disconnected.

Most operations are reasonably successful, although complications can always occur.

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