Foot corn - Causes, symptoms, Treatement

foot-cornFoot corns are painful spots on the feet, usually on the dorsal side. They often start as a callus, but continue to grow, usually developping a hard, horny center. This center can press into the skun when rubbing against the shoe or so, which can be quite painful.

Foot corn causes

Foot corns usually develop due to pressure points in the shoes where they shouldn't be. Most often this is caused by ill-fitting shoes, so wearing decent shoeware is the best way to prevent foot corn. Also not wearing socks can contribute to developing them, as without socks there is no cushioning between the shoe and the foot.

Other causes of foot corn can be overweight and an incorrect stance of the feet.


Symptoms of foot corn are painful round spots with a horny center with a yellow-ish colour. Mostly they are located on the top-side of the toes, but sometimes also higher up the feet. They usually do not occur on weight-bearing surfaces, like under the feet. The center of the corn can lie quite deep into the skin and be really solid, which usualy causes the pain.

The corn is also quite ofte surrounded by inflame skin, due to constant irritation.


Light forms of foot corn can be treated with home-remedies. In most grocery shops, pads with holes in the center can be obtained, which help to remove the pressure from the corn. Also products containing salicylic acid can help to remove the foor corn. The salicylic acid can dissolve the callous area, or soften it so that it can be removed. These products come in different forms, it can either be applied as drops, ointment or as a plaster.

Sometimes the corn can be removed by a pedicure or podotherapist. The corn is simply cut away using a small knife.

If all these tips do not help you it is best to consult your doctor, or an orthopedic surgeon. podiatry fasciitis plantar fascia treatment shockwave stretching exercises rest shoes sole overweight painkillers plantar feet surgery pain heel training fysiotherapy Strassburg sock injection friction massage symptoms fascia heel treatment painkillers dry-needling surgery painkillers dry-needling planters foot massage triggerpoint therapy taping nutricion pain fasciitis plantar pain heelspur foot