Heel spur and kinesio tape



Kinesio-taping of heel spur and plantar fasciitis is based on an entirely different principle as the standard taping concept. The aim of applying kinesiotape is to stimulate the healing process by reducing inflammation and relaxing muscles, without restricting body motion. It is often seen on athletes because of the bright colors of the tape on the skin.

The tape is mainly used for orthopedic and neuro-muscular conditions, so it should be perfect for heel spur.

Occasionaly reports are found of patients benefitting from this for their heelspur, though results are mixed. Treatment should usually be maintained for at least 4 to 8 weeks before any result can be expected. The tape should preferably be applied by a skilled therapist, as wrong use of the tape can cause further issues. If the tape is applied correctly, it should last a few days, even while taking showers.

Kinesio tape for treating heel spur can be applied in different ways, it also depends whether the narrow (2cm) tape or the wider version (4cm) is used.

  • The narrow 2cm-tape is applied by cutting 4 strips of tape of around 8cm, and applying them on the heel spur, slightly stretching the tape when putting it on. Basically this results in a star shape around the painful spot.
  • The broader 4-cm version is usually applied using 2 strips. One strip is rather long, stretching from the ball of the foot to the calf. A second strip is placed under the foot, it's main purpose being to keep the long strip on it's place.

An example of this last method is shown in the video below by KT-tape:

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