Heel spur and dry needling


Dry-needling is a fairly recent development in treating heel spur/plantar fasciitis. The treatment is based on treating so-called triggerpoints (painful pressure points in the muscles). To make them go away, they are treated by inserting a needle into them, and gently wiggling this needle around until the muscle twitches locally. In the case of heelspur these triggerpoints are usually treated in the feet and leg muscles.

Despite using needles, this therapy is not so much related to acupuncture as to physiotherapy and triggerpoint massage. In acupuncture needles are placed according to a different principle, are not touched after placement, and are left in place for about 15-30 minutes.

The treatment can be a bit painful, and especially the next 2-3 days the muscles can be very sore and stiff, so some gentle stretching is advised.

If the therapy is successful, 3-5 treatments will usually suffice.

Dry-needling is something to consider seriously, as the success rate is really quite high.

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